Rice Rice Villas


One of the key benefits of staying at Rice Rice Villa is its proximity to famous national parks such as Yala, Bundala & Lunugamvehera. Guests can also enjoy numerous historical and religious sites as well as immerse themselves in the traditional village life of the locals residing in Tissamaharama.

Yala National Park

Enjoy a jeep ride to most popular National park of Sri Lanka to experience real wild life.

Yala National Park 16kms - 25mins

Yala National park  - Sri Lanka’s most known national park is popular for Elephant, Leopard, Bear, Crocodile and Wild Boar. This is the second largest of Sri Lanka’s national parks.

Kirinda Temple

The ancient temple is sited atop a rocky outcrop with magnificent views of the desolate coast

Kirinda Temple 7.5kms - 12mins

Kirinda Temple - Kirinda temple dedicated to Queen Viharamahadevi is located in an imposing hilltop Buddhist shrine, which includes a stupa and huge standing Buddha.

Mahapelessa Hot Springs

Refreshing Expreience !!! Natural hot water leak through a crack converted to bathing tank for visitors

Mahapelessa Hot Springs 65kms - 1h 10mins

Mahapelessa Hot Springs - The Mahapelessa or Madunagala hot springs lies between vast paddyfields between Sooriyawewa and Ridiyagama and is a popular bathing spot for pilgrims visiting the south. 

Bundala Bird Sanctuary

Internationally important wintering ground for migratory water birds in Sri Lanka.

Bundala Bird Sanctuary 22kms -30mins

Bundala  National Park - Bundala National Park is one of Sri Lanka's foremost destinations for birdwatchers, protecting an important area of coastal wetland famous for its abundant aquatic (and other) bird life.


An ancient monastery with a history over 2200 years.

Sithulpawwa 24kms - 40 mins

Sithulpawwa  -  The monastic complex includes several religious sites including a cave with paintings over 2000 years old, as well as a temple atop a resident rock that rises above the surrounding wilderness.

Lunugamvehera National Park

An important habitat for water birds and elephants

Lunugamvehera National Park 30kms - 40mins

Lunugamvehera National park - Opened in 2005 it has become an important habit for large herds of elephants, wild buffaloes as well as numerous bird species. 

Maligawila Statue

Tallest limestone rock, free standing ancient Buddha statue built on 7th Century

Maligawila Statue 84kms - 2 hours

Maligawila Buddha Statue is the tallest free standing Buddha statue in the country carved entirely out of limestone back in the 07th century BC

Udawalawe National Park

An important habitat for Sri Lankan elephants.

Udawalawe National Park 65kms - 01 hour 15mins

Udawalawe  National park  - Internationally renowned for its large herd of elephants, the park is also known for several species of Deer, Wild Boar, the dangerous Wild Buffalo, Jackal and rare sightings of Leopard.


Popular religious site venerated by multiple religions of Sri Lanka

Kataragama 24kms - 36mins

Kataragama - Dedicated to God Skanda (Murugan for Hindus),  it brings pilgrims from various faiths such as Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and even the indigenous Veddahs

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary

Ideal place to witness migrant waders and smaller mammals

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary 58kms - 1 hour

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary - Is one of the oldest bird sanctuaries in Sri Lanka with over 150 species of birds.

Wedasiti Kanda

Popular rocky mountain among Kataragama Pilgrims

Wedasiti  Kanda 20kms - 30mins

Wedasiti  Kanda  - A popular rocky mountain located 3.5 kms from the Kataragama temple is another popular pilgrimage site for travelers coming to Kataragama. 


10th century Buddhist sculptures carved in a rock

Buduruwagala 66kms -1H 25mins

Name Buduruwagala means “the rock with the statue of Buddha”. The complex consists of seven statues including gigantic Buddha statue and many sculptures of Bodhisattva images

Kirinda Beach

Ideal location to have a beach walk and enjoy the sunset.

Kirinda Beach 7.5kms - 12mins

Kirinda Beach - Is a scenic location to have a beach walk and enjoy the sunset. On a clear day the lighthouse on the Great Basses reef appears like a needle in the far distance.